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The country was then equipped with heavy investments in metal and machine sector and gave rise to heavy industry that heaped the upcoming profits to the Soviet Union. The heavy industry gave rise to ample employment opportunities for workers and other managerial staff to supervise the operations.

After World War II Latvia also become a home for telecommunication and electronics industry. Ever since the ideal geographical location of Latvia bordering European states and other different Baltic states, Latvia was a prosperous state of soviet union which retained the highest living standards and lured foreigners from around the world. Latvia also became the net financer for the rest of the country and the other parts depended on it solely. Latvia got its independence from Soviet Union in 1991 along with few Baltic States such as Lithuania and Estonia. Since then, Latvian government has been implementing laws to lure foreigners to have residence permits and attain Second citizenship by investment.

In the year 1994 Thiago Silva Brazil Jersey , the Latvian government passed a law for those who wanted to have Latvian citizenship should reside in country for a minimum of 5 years having Latvian knowledge and native language. The law disturbed those older Russians who grew up in Latvia in order to obtain citizenship. Latvian government wanted to obtain a western oriented democracy therefore it joined hands with the European Union which made it loosen the tightly bound condition of acquiring citizenship and eased the Russians and other international immigrants who gained second citizenship by investment in Latvia and accessed EU states.

Since the Russians citizenship in Latvia have been solved, the Latvian government is wholly solely responsible for screening membership, citizenship Taison Brazil Jersey , residence permits, migration affairs, and other refugee issues. Only five percent people attained the refugee status in the past years and not much importance is given to this area.

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