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The air quality is excellent or good in Lha

HUIZHOU, GUANGDONG PROVINCE, June 21 (Xinhua) -- Defending champion Serbia, Greece, Italy and USA met no troubles to claim their first group match victories on the first day of the FINA Water Polo World League Super Final here on Tuesday.

Milan Aleksic snatched the first extra man goal for Serbia after 34 seconds of the game and the defending champion led all the way but never threw off Brazil by big margin since both teams played good defense.

"It was a very tough game for us because we just arrived here at 8:30 pm last night and played today's first game at 3pm. My players were very tired from the beginning of the game. We won the game because we were in better mentality, " said Dejan Savic, head coach of Serbia.

Since China did not qualify for the Rio Olympic Games and entered the Super Final as hosts, China sent local Guangdong team to compete in this event. In front of the full-house home fans, Chen Jinghao shot the first goal in 45 seconds. United States took the control of the whole game by earning 3 extra man goals out of 5 while China wasted all 8 exclusion fouls. USA captain Tony Azevedo and Josh Samuels both had 4 goals.

"USA are a much better team than we are. Our plan was to make a good defense and that worked out. Our young players showed their bests and tried to shoot the balls. Our goal is try to improve from each game and help our young players be more experienced," said Chen Yaohua, head coach of China.

In other group matches, Italy trounced Australia 14-7 and Greece romped Japan 15-7.

A total of eight teams, including Australia, Brazil, China, Greece, Italy, Japan, Serbia and the USA qualified for the six-day Super Final, which followed the six-round European preliminaries and the Intercontinental Tournament in Yokohama, Japan during May 10-15. Enditem

A Tibetan herdswoman watches TV series on a portable DVD player in Lhasa Nike Air Max 270 Homme Soldes , capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region. For the past two decades, Tibet’s GDP has maintained double-digit growth. — CFP

IN a children’s clothes shop in downtown Lhasa, Choizong, 73, buys sportswear and a pair of soccer shoes for his 6-year-old grandson.

The boy loves playing soccer with his father at an indoor pitch in the suburbs of the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

“We mainly wore wool robes covered in patches in our childhood,” remembered Choizong, who is happy that his grandson was born in an era of rapid development.

In 2013, the per capita net rural income in Tibet reached 6,578 yuan (US$1,067) and the per capita disposable income of urban residents exceeded 20,000 yuan. The average lifespan in Tibet has risen from 35.5 years in the 1950s to 68 years today.

Tibet was once one of the most impoverished places in the world. Before 1950, more than 95 percent of Tibet’s population were serfs and 90 percent were illiterate.

Since British novelist James Hilton introduced the fictional “Shangri-la” to Western readers eight decades ago, Tibet has often been considered a mystical, harmonious paradise cut off from the rest of the world.

The prevailing image is of a permanently happy land where most inhabitants are meditative lamas clad in crimson robes, twirling prayer wheels and chanting mantras.

This Western “Shangri-la complex” hampers and limits a rational understanding of the region.

In China, Tibet is often thought of as a backwater with a formerly inhumane serf system in which its people craved development and civilization just like any other part of the world.

Hilton had never been to the places he wrote about. While journalists, film directors and politicians in his time portrayed Tibet as a heaven on Earth, the region itself was under the feudal system — a society as cruel as, if not worse than, European society in the Dark Ages. It was also a land where women who had extramarital affairs would have their noses and ears cut off for punishment.

“Despite the British invasion of Tibet in 1904, the West did not have the opportunity to understand Tibet,” Alessandra Spalletta, China news editor of the Italian news agency AGI, told the “Forum on the Development of Tibet, China” in Lhasa. “They started the mystification of Tibet while building the mythology of ‘Shangri-la.’

“Western people are fond of their own images of Tibet rather than the real Tibet,” she said.

As some scholars point out, Tibet has become a “spiritual supermarket” for Westerners trying to find what they have lost from their own societies in the process of industrialization and modernization.

Some call Tibet the “last pure land on Earth” and want it to be immune from any development, afraid it might lead to the destruction of Tibetan culture and the annihilation of Tibetan Buddhism.

“People who think this way believe that Tibet should remain at a primitive stage forever and Tibetans should always ride yaks and live in tents,” Cui Yuying, vice head of the State Council Information Office, told the opening ceremony of the forum on Tuesday.

For the past half century, however, Tibet has been on an irreversible path of development, matching the general trend of the development of human society, Cui said.

Tibet’s GDP has maintained double-digit growth for the past two decades. In 2013, the Tibetan economy was worth 80.2 billion yuan.

“Tibet is in the best development period of its history,” said Losang Jamcan, chairman of the Tibetan regional government, stressing that Tibet will never sacrifice its environment for economic growth.

“Tibet remains one of the places with the best environment in the world,” said Jambae, head of the Tibet Environmental Protection Department. Water quality in rivers and lakes in Tibet has maintained high standards.


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