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y attainable in the eyes of Zem

By Peter Mertz

DENVER cheap nike air max 90 og , the United States, May 1 (Xinhua) -- With only three million people, Utah is home to one of the smallest state populations in the United States, but three politicians shin a spotlight on this historically conservative enclave, led by Orrin Hatch, the longest-serving U.S. senator in American history.

Moreover, Hatch's potential successor, Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman, both used to be presidential candidates in 2012, is even more famous than him.

"It's the changing of the Republican guard - from a state that embodies conservative, western values," Washington political insider David Richardson told Xinhua Friday, pointing to Hatch's anticipated retirement in 2018.

Hatch held the U.S. Senate seat since 1977 and last month said he would consider retiring if Romney ran to replace him.

Romney was the 2012 Republican presidential nominee who lost to Democrat candidate Barack Obama by 4 points, 51-47 percent of the vote.

If Hatch steps down and Romney waivers, Jon Huntsman, Obama's well-regarded ambassador to China and another 2012 Republican presidential candidate, was named by local media as a potential senator.

All three conservative Utah Republicans are big U.S. political players.

"But Huntsman couldn't get any tailwind because he was too moderate by Republican standards," said Arn Menconi, a former U.S. Senate candidate and Green Party member.

"It's all up to Orrin Hatch," said Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, telling all interested Republicans to step back - even her father's brother.

"I love my uncle," she said of the rare race prospect. "I think it's hard to have those discussions until Sen. Hatch makes his decision. So out of respect for him, I want him to make his decision, and then we can talk about other candidates."

Hatch's "official" announcement is expected any day - whether he will run for reelection in 2018, as encouraged by President Donald Trump, or retire.

The 83-year-old Senate Judiciary Chairman, first elected in 1976, last month named Romney as his "perfect" replacement, but backed away from a retirement statement.

If Hatch runs next year and is likely elected, he could serve 48 years and be 90 years old at the end of his eighth term.

Ironically, in Hatch's first run for political office in 1976, he criticized his opponent for serving three consecutive terms.

"It's time...and Mitt Romney would be an excellent choice," said Washington D.C. political insider Al Rickard. "We need more people like him who are smart and reasonable, and willing to work with the other party to get something done."

Rickard, an original member of America's brash "Young Republicans" under Ronald Reagan in 1982, like many traditional Republicans, lamented that Romney didn't defeat Obama in 2012.

"That would have helped the current situation and made a difference in the Republican Party - to drive them back into the center where they need to be," Rickard told Xinhua Friday.

Even more critical of Trump are Utah's Mormons, who condemned the brash billionaire after he made lewd remarks concerning women a month before last November's hotly contested presidential election.

Hatch, Romney and Huntsman are all Mormons, who proclaim a devotion to Christ and traditionally father many children.

"Almost anyone is more moderate than Hatch," said Rickard, who compared electing Romney to dropping a pebble in a bowl. "When what you really need is to fill the entire bowl with pebbles to make a difference in the Republican Party."

One generation ago, Catholic families with 10 or more children were not uncommon in America. Today, Mormons are one of the few groups who still have large families.

Hatch, Romney and Huntsman have 18 children combined, and two of Huntsman's daughters were adopted from India and China.

Mormons are a "pro-family," conservative religious group who emphasize a drug-free, public service, community, and family-oriented lifestyle - defined in the Book of Mormon that was written by Joseph Smith in 1820.

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ADDIS ABABA, April 23 (Xinhua) -- Selam Fantahun, an Ethiopian high school dropout, feels that her life's prospects have brightened up since she landed a job at a Chinese shoe factory in Addis Ababa four months ago.

"I wouldn't say I've learned 100 percent of what I aspired to but I'm getting there, learning new skills everyday," says the perky girl.

Fantahun attaches soles of slipper shoes at the new partially finished plant of Huajian, a major Chinese shoe manufacturer. Encouraged by the salary increases and skills training of the company, she plans to stay a bit longer before planning to start her own business.

Fantahun is among the latest crop of Ethiopians learning skills in Huajian's second plant located on southern outskirt of the capital. Huajian has already established a shoe factory for six years in Dukem Industrial Zone 37 kms southeast of Addis Ababa.

The spacious plant named Huajian International Light Industry City covers 138 hectares, and is expected to be totally completed by 2020.

The new park expects to earn two billion U.S. dollars in annual export revenue and employ up to 50,000 Ethiopians.

That may seem ambitious, but perfectly attainable in the eyes of Zemdeneh Negatu, former managing partner of the consulting firm Ernest and Young (Ethiopia).


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