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CHICAGO Cheap Alan Branch Jersey , Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- More than 1,000 protesters took to Chicago's most bustling shopping street on Friday, disrupting business on Americans' busiest shopping day of the year, to protest the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white policeman.

The protesters blocked retail stores on the "Magnificent Mile" by locking arms to form a human chain to prevent shoppers from entering the stores on the traditional Black Friday shopping day.

The protesters demanded justice for 17-year-old black teen Laquan McDonald who was shot 16 times to death in October 2014.

Tensions flared up in the Midwestern city after officials released a graphic video on Tuesday showing Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke shot McDonald 16 times after the teenager walked away from him.

Earlier Tuesday, Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder and denied bail until a second hearing on Monday in a case that took prosecutor 13 months to announce the charges.

Protestors counted up from zero to 16 Cheap David Andrews Jersey , and chanted "sixteen shots" to voice anger as Dyke reloaded and fired his gun sixteen times at the teen.

When the protesters marched along Michigan Avenue, they shouted "Stop the cover-up, 16 shots" in a show of the outrage that it took so long to charge Van Dyke when there was clear evidence he was never threatened by McDonald.

Many protesters implied that Chicago officials were motivated to withhold the release of the video until after the mayoral election.

A Facebook page posted by march organizers said "the release of the Laquan McDonald video once again highlights the lack of value of Black lives in the minds of many who are charged with serving and protecting."

Organizers called for demilitarization of the Chicago Police Department, appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the potential cover-up, and the resignation and firing of all involved in misconduct concerning the case.

Valerie Fuller told Xinhua that she decided to join the protests because of her personal experiences.

"I am the parent of a 15-year-old who is also the ward of the state. That could have been him. He's a really good kid Cheap Chris Hogan Jersey , never been in trouble, really good kid. That could have been Laquan," she said.

Nordstrom, a big shopping department store on the street, was among the stores blocked. Security guards persuaded shoppers to use an unobvious back door to get in.

Monica Xue Cheap Shaq Mason Jersey , a Chinese tourist visiting from California, told Xinhua that she didn't mind the disruptions. "In the U.S., racial discrimination has led to social and financial inequality."

"I believe that protests, peaceful protests, is the right way to fix that Cheap Kyle Van Noy Jersey , and I also hope that government authorities will exert more effort to solve this problem because the problem won't be solved if the U.S. doesn't adopt legislation to enact actual changes following the protest."

Alice Xia was eating at Michael Jordan Steakhouse on North Michigan Avenue when protesters interrupted her meal. "I think the protest is effective, and very important, but they shouldn't disturb other people."

Whilst no technique for paying off a multitude of debts is totally soreness-totally free, these plans offer debtors an possibility to regain the fiscal balance with a bare minimum of time and soreness.

One particular month-to-month payment

The very first benefit that these ideas provide is straightforward. All of the a variety of debts that have been amassed above time are bundled together into 1 single obligation that requires only one particular payment each and every month. This payment is created to the consolidating organization, which then distributes individual payments to each of the authentic lenders. This will take a great deal of the pressure out of having to pay expenses and will help to make curiosity premiums uniform.

Decreases curiosity rates

That curiosity fee is crucial. Obviously Cheap Mike Gillislee Jersey , consolidating all of one’s debts into a single obligation would provide number of advantages if the original high curiosity charges for every single of these debts remained intact. The consolidating company will provide a reduced, uniform charge of interest that will assist to make certain that the mixed payment is decrease than the sum of the authentic month-to-month payments.

Rapidly debt relief

Many times, loans, credit rating card obligations, and other debts can get many years to entirely retire Cheap Rex Burkhead Jersey , specifically when debtors make only the bare minimum payments each month. When consolidated, these loans can often be completely compensated off in 5 or 6 many years, enabling the debtor to emerge from the approach entirely financial debt cost-free.

Stop collection calls

As soon as the debts are consolidated, the lenders can no longer make contact with the debtor immediately. While they can get in touch with the consolidating organization, the personal harassment ends. For any debtor who has put in months or years obtaining many collection calls every single day Cheap Stephon Gilmore Jersey , this benefit alone can be really worth the time and effort necessary to set up one of these ideas.

Can preserve credit score score

Each and every time a payment is late or missed, the debtor can experience a reduction in his credit score score. With the implementation of this kind of plan, individuals delinquent reports can be slowed around time. Even far better, most consolidating organizations will seek a constructive report from the lenders the moment the complete obligation is paid off.

Charge-offs, delinquent payments Cheap Dwayne Allen Jersey , and loan defaults can destroy an individual’s credit score score and his fiscal standing. Retiring those debts is an important aim for any debtor. For most people, bad financial debt consolidation programs can offer an important escape from the nightmare of indebtedness.

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