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#1 04-12-2018 06:47:35

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ave hit it into a stupid place.

Now this is the bit that so amuses me - it completely aggravates those people that are my playing partners. Why should it bother them so much? At least half of the guys that I play with totally cannot handle seeing me not caring or freaking out when I do the dumbest stuff. I am the type of golfer that asks my playing partners if it is ok if I move my ball when I have hit it into a stupid place. (And to be honest, half the time it is off the tee when I have tried to do something impossible). So they say, no problem, rob Montravius Adams Color Rush Jersey , you play your own game. And then within three holes I can see they are fuming. Yeah, generally it is with them, they put too much pressure on themselves. But a lot of the time it seems to me to be because I am having too much fun. You see if I personally don?t get all wired up when I hit the nearest tree; I find that it really is the most fantastic way to spend some time. If I am going to spend so much money chasing after a ball then at least enjoy it. And my advice is that if the ball land in a dumb spot, move the silly thing. Hell it is good for your heart.

Here is another good reason to play the ?rob? way. Because you are relaxed Josh Jones Color Rush Jersey , every second hole gives you a few really brilliant shots. You know those ones that make you think you could take on tiger or Ernie any day. And yes I do think that on the right day with the exact circumstances I could beat those two.
Ha ha, they would both have to be drunk, but I am sure I could wangle that. Easy.

I forgot what I started out to tell you. But now I remember, those of you that have all these stress issues with the really simple game of golf Kevin King Color Rush Jersey , I just wanted to say, come to my site, I have a lot of those e-courses that you need. There is stuff like how to cure your slice ? my way is to stand skew. Another I have is how to increase the length of your drive ? my way is to walk a bit down from the tee off spot and start there. And more.
In fact I will go so far as to say that if you have a problem that I don?t have an e-course for, I will find you an expert to fix it. Or at the very worst Josh Jackson Color Rush Jersey , teach you my way.

Hey that is a great idea. If in the future you see a new e-course book thingmy that gives you ?THE 18 GREATEST SHORTCUTS ON A GOLF COURSE? be very careful, it might just be golf the ??rob? way. And most of you call that cheating.
?Robs? way rocks.
Until the next riveting golf story. Cheers.

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