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Utrecth came across any specific available free amount of work-some am

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Todd Vigland
   This fits our Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light well. The sheets were softer than expected. My only complaint is that it is a little thin, but for the price, I am very very happy.
Sorina Lilith
   Just going to go straight to the size, I got an XL for my 35 pound Aussie and it was just a bit big, but I know that the large would have probably been a snug fit and I wanted it to hang a little loosely on her. The material is nice, feels like a jersey, and most importantly very breathable. I love it, beware if you have a large dog, I think the XL will fit nicely on anything 35-60 pounds, anything over and it may be too tight, too short, or plain just not fit well. This is my second jersey because the medium I thought would fit nicely ended up being large enough to fit a large end toy dog (10ish pounds).
Mattia Petrucci

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bt21 airpods case keychain
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