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shutters are just mounted on a small window

This means that the roof and side walls of the dormitory may squeeze the installation space. When planning and measuring, you also need to consider this space when deciding on an internal

or external installation.
Of course, you will also think about how the size of the dormouse affects your shutter opening on the hinge. Whether you do it yourself or do it for you, we can help you.
Plantation shutters: a simple choice for a tiger window
The dormitory and plantation shutters are classically elegant and complement each other's appearance. But they are not just rowing together. They also:
It is a good practical match because the plantation shutters are just mounted on a small window, like a sleeping mouse.
Enhance the usefulness of each other in getting fresh air and light into the room.
Trying plantation shutters somewhere in your home is an economical way.
Many customers report to us how satisfied they are with their dormitory shutters. Contact us and we will start the process of making your own plantation shutters.
Interior shutters for French, patio and sliding doors
Gone are the days when home design focused solely on functionality. Advances in building materials and technology mean that doors can be made primarily of glass without sacrificing safety

or prohibitively expensive.
Sliding patios and French doors offer the same advantages as large windows: they help fill the room with light and allow for stunning views from the back garden or park across the street.
But when doors become like windows, they also need a covering. Sometimes you don't want all the light to come in, or you want to control your privacy. Especially at night, the bare patio

door looks ominous.
In the UK, indoor shutters can provide shutters for French doors
What kind of door is best for indoor blinds?
Roughly speaking, any door with lots of glass is the best choice for plantation shutters. Due to their very good control of light and privacy, the plantation shutters of sliding doors in

the courtyard are becoming more and more popular with British homeowners.
French doors, especially outward-facing doors, are always a good place to install indoor blinds.
Because the height of the blinds is higher than the standard height of ready-made curtains, blinds are an economical option for French and sliding doors.
Added the function of internal blinds on the door
By their nature, doors are usually taller than windows. This means that the interior shutters of the door will need more intermediate tracks-fixed horizontal pieces that increase stability

between the slats-to ensure that the door maintains its solidity.
Just like walking between glass windows, this also increases the visual interest of the blinds, and can make the blinds more attractive according to the different colors.
The benefit of having more intermediate tracks is that you can individually control the tilt of each part of the blinds. So, for example, you can choose to open the top section for light to

enter, while keeping the bottom closed for privacy. Instead, you can open the bottom and let the cool breeze come in, while keeping the top of the sun closed.
Design considerations when choosing internal shutters for doors
In terms of color, the same considerations apply to door shutters because they are used to cover windows. which is:
You may want to match the color of the shutters with the colors of other shutters in your home, especially on the same floor. Almost all the time, the shutters should be the same color as

the shutters on the same wall.
The color of the blinds can be matched to the color of the door frame, or it can complement the color of the door frame. Keep in mind that the door is basically a tall window, so the larger

area will magnify the blinds made of dark or bright colors will dominate the room's colored tray.
Configure internal shutter doors
Just like blinds, French or patio doors have multiple configurations. Most customers think:
Full height shutters are the first choice for door covers.
Layers of shutters are only in very rare cases. Remember, they must be opened separately, which can be inconvenient if the door you pass through is very occasional.
A solid, raised panel with a full-height shutter at the bottom serves as a classic option. If all the windows in a room are covered with protruding blinds, you might want to do the same for

the doors.
An unknown benefit of installing internal blinds on the door is that you can place an armrest in the middle to hide the door handles and other hardware.
Other applications for door shutters
If your home has a French door that connects two rooms, then plantation shutters are a great way to cover doors.
Maybe you want to turn a room with a door open into a bedroom, and you want to control privacy or natural light. Or French doors open and you can try to keep the noise out.
Either way, plantation shutters are the most practical and attractive interior door option.
Plantation shutters are more than just windows
French shutters are becoming a popular practice in the UK. Think carefully about how you use a door:
Is it basically a higher window?
Do you have privacy or security concerns with glass doors, and indoor blinds will help alleviate them?
Is it best to put shutters around the window?
"Yes" to any of these means you should probably consider plantation shutters a major option to cover your door. Let us know how we can help your shutter project off the ground.

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